A wave of change

It won’t shout from the mountain tops,
Grand gestures; there will be none.
But slowly and steadily,
Its time will come.

You won’t notice at first,
But then it will hit you,
It’s real!
What on Earth can we do?

You’ll deny it and hide,
You’ll scream and run.
This can’t go on forever,
Something has to be done.

You’ll decide to face it,
How bad can this be?
To test the waters,
You dip your toes in the sea.

The waters rise up,
But you’re ready to face it.
Whatever it throws at you,
You decide to embrace it.

You finally conquer it,
Your inner peace restored.
But wait, what’s that?
Here is comes once more!

-Tejaswi Polimetla



From pop to rock
From western to folk
Culture is in our music
It isn’t a joke

From fashionistas to geeks
From jocks to nerds
Culture is in all of us
In forms so diverse

From them to me
From me to you
Culture is always changing
It is always brand new

I live with culture from New York to New Delhi,
I live with culture from night today
For culture is not a think,
Culture, is a way

-Tejaswi Polimetla

Living Robots

I am a robot of society,
made in a factory called school.
There are so many dumb dress codes, and
so many dumb rules.
They tell us how to think,
and they tell us how to be .
Oh man,
Even AI has more creativity!
But you can be whatever you  want to right?
A musician, a Dancer, an artist, a …
Uh, sorry, I meant engineer or a doctor.

But what are we gonna do without
the actors and the directors?
The musicians and the artists
that keep us all together?
Remember the AI, I was talking about?
It may be the only place where
Creativity sprouts!
And what about the millions of doctors
you made?
With so many others,
they’re no more lives to be saved!
And what about the engineers with no
new ideas?
Just coding from 9 to 5,
how’s that gonna help  us?

Are you starting to see the flaw in your system now?
Or are you still blinded by  the  big ol cash  cow?
Just think about the entire next generation.
They aren’t gonna have any new innovations!
And then what are they gonna do?
Oh wait, I forgot,
The only one to blame is Y-O-U.


-Tejaswi Polimetla

Centuries of Innovation

We starred as cavemen with the will to survive,
Hunting and gathering was the only way we could thrive.
So we invented blades that could kill and cut,
But the meat was raw, it wasn’t enough!
The first flames arose, but now we wanted a sphere,
“What’s that? Oh look, it’s a wheel!”
“What is he saying?” We wanted to know,
Guess what! That’s how language arose!

This is where we fast forward a few years,
The written word has become really important here.
“Aha! The printing press!”, Now that’s a great thought!
But now audio messages were what we sought.
Here comes Alexander with the telephone,
We started to desire to explore the unknown.

We needed a machine for quick calculations,
The computer struck everyone with deep fascination!
All of this inventing had made us tired and lazy,
“A robot you say? No way, that’s crazy!”
But in truth you’re right, this is the modern world,
Anything is possible, nothing is absurd.

-Tejaswi Polimetla